About Football 21 and the team behind it.

The object of Football 21 is to throw and land your offensive coin chips onto one of your receiver decals that are laid out on the playing field. By landing your coin chip ( must come to rest on any part part of the decal) on a receiver decal results in a completed pass. But watch out for the defense as they try and cover your receivers by placing their defensive chips in front, back, or on the side of your receivers. From Blitzing to a Pick 6 the Defense comes up Big to make that winning play !

It’s all covered in Football 21 from an onside kick to a punt on 4th down backing the offense up against their own 1 yardline, can you make the winning drive ?


Back in February 2010 on a cold blustery Sunday while waiting for the “Big Game” to get underway (which felt like forever!) 3 friends looked around the room. They noticed some competitive fun games that would help pass the time before kickoff, darts, pool,  pong etc. But none of them were football related, especially on it’s biggest day. “Why wasn’t there an exciting and easy football game for football fans without complicated buttons, or one that comes out of a small box” ? Then they noticed a really large tablecloth that was made to look like a football field with yard lines on it, and at that moment Football 21 was created.

Those three friends; an NFL sports agent, a sports writer/broadcaster and an NFL season ticket holder dedicated with their idea and five years later Football 21 was created officially for everyone to enjoy no matter what the age !

Thank you, we hope to add a little more fun to friends and families everywhere who want to enjoy America’s passion for football in a big way !

-CMR * * *


Chris Rosa one of the co-founders of Football 21 recently said,”Our passion for this game comes from watching people smiling, laughing, and enjoying themselves with friends and family while playing a football table game that is supersized !”


Sports Radio 66 WFAN playing Football 21
Sports Radio 66 WFAN playing Football 21

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jets draft day

wfan summer

Football 21 Commercial Aired On Sports Radio 66 WFAN NY  in March 2015